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Update Adobe

Should I update ADOBE reader?

If you are getting a notice from ADOBE on our taskbar to update your ADOBE reader, it is a good idea to go ahead and let it update.  This will not only give you the most current software but will help in keeping your PC secure.  Many trojans and viruses come in the form of a PDF file attached to an email.  If opened, it starts with its' only know task, to do things to your computer that aren't good for you or it.

Another program that should be updated is JAVA.  Exploits have been found and are being used in conjunction with this application to again infect a machine and cause havoc with your productivity.

Always be careful what you update but these two are safe. If you don't recognize the software asking you to update, don't update it until you do.  Better than safe than sorry in today's computing world.

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