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Data Restoration

DV8 Computing uses professional grade recovery techniques in restoring data from damaged or corrupted hard drives.  We understand how important your data is and will do everything possible to restore it.  If the drive can be connected, we can restore it.  We will pick up your damaged and valuable hard drive using our complimentary Technology Concierge delivery service at your location (in central Florida only) or you can ship it to us.  Once we have your drive, we will begin the process of restoring your data by scanning the drive with professional software created to break down partitions and work around bad sectors and corruption.

Depending on the amount of data to be restored, our process usually takes 5-6 days to ensure all that can be recovered, is recovered and you can get your valuable and priceless data back on-line.  Emergency Turn Around Service is available if you need your data faster, contact us today to schedule your restoration project.  Prices start at $200 (dependent upon size of drive to be restored)

NOTE:  All data is kept on secure servers that are never in danger of being hacked from outside sources as they are in a laboratory environment and never come in contact with the internet.  All data is confidential and will be kept in tight secure areas during processing.

Once completed, we will create any type of media you may require (i.e., pocket USB Key, CD, DVD, SD, etc.)  We customize the media for you and is included in the price.

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