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DV8 Computing offers a wide range of services for the small to medium size business in creating support packages that fit your budget and needs.  We customize each client for their paritular environment and form of business.  While some support firms bundle everyting into one contract, we are willing to create individual support protocols for each area of your company.


  • Installation - We will purchase the server for you or you can purchase it yourself with our guidance. Once recieved, we will create the environment required and begin the installation of needed software.
  • Implementation - Once installed, we will help your employees through the implementaton process after reviewing processes and procedures with management.  This will make it easier during the rollout phase.
  • Administration - After installation and implementation, DV8 will help you with administering your server by creating user accounts, administering rights and permissions and help you set up your document flow and printing needs.
  • Remote Access - We can also help you set up your server to be accessible outside the office via technology that will fit your budget.  


  • Firewall Installation - Many companies do not have adequate protection and are using home based applicances to secure their company's information.  DV8 will help you upgrade your current firewall to a standard well above those used by most small businesses and again, within your budget.
  • Routing - If special needs are required to access particluar parts of your network, DV8 will do routing to make sure these applications are accessed and secured.
  • Switching - In many cases, a router is not required and through switching, we can make your network more productive and faster.


  • Standard Support - DV8 will provide standard support for any PC's located in your facility including laptops, desktop, and tablets.
  • Retainer Services - We offer "Retainer Services" for a pre-paid support contracts that will save you 15% over a 10 hour period.  Big savings in your support costs.

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