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DV8 Computing is the IT Tech that you can't afford to hire. The cost of a full time IT Tech is a price some companies just can't pay.  But they continue to grow and continue to have IT problems to the point where the business owner has to take away from his chief responsibilities to deal with network issues, PC and laptop problems and the list goes on.

Let us help.  DV8 will be the Technologist you need part time but with the knowledge of engineering, applications and repair services all in one.  The Human Element plays a vital role in any technology and that is simply your people.  When they are producing with their technology it is a profitable tool, when they aren't, we understand what that means.  We will ask you questions about your current infrastructure, what your requirements are, recommendations on how to make it better all in an effort the understand your needs as a business owner. We are in the business of helping, not billing.

The small and medium business is the backbone of our economy and DV8 understands what is required to keep you up running and doing what you need to do, run your business. Call today to make an appointment and we'll show you how we understand the small business needs.

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