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Our Service Philosophy

At DV8 Computing, we believe that by understanding the human element of the technology cycle, it gives us an advantage in helping resolve technology issues.  As we see it, the human element is you, the customer and if we don't understand the human element in the computer business we don't understand your needs as a technology customer.  We make it a point to know you and give you the small town customer service you are used to with high end technology results. 

What sets us aside from other companies is our willingness to listen first and fix later.  Our Technologists, Engineers and Computer Concierges are trained to ensure your frustration factor stays low and your productivity stays high and maybe have a good time while you do it.   We want you to enjoy the technology you use, not struggle to use it.

Whether in your home or at your business, the human element plays a vital role in all we do.  Let us show you how we can give you an affordable solution, customer service, and more productivity in a knowledgeable and courteous way.


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