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Our Mission

DV8 Computing is dedicated to the Human Element in all of our technical solutions.  Whether the customer has a computer that needs repair, a phone that does not synchronize properly, or a network that you cannot connect to, we are committed to finding the best solution for you in a cost effective manner. 

Our customer service will be second to none.  We will make the customers feel good about their solution and technology.  We will never talk down to a customer for not following what are percieved in the technology business as "best practices".  We will never overcharge for a service.  We will always give the highest technical service at an affordable price, whether for residential or commercial applications.

Our Technologists will ensure you are happy with your service, and if you're not, we will do all we can to make you that way.  As a customer, your happiness is how we get rated.  If you are unhappy, we will do all we can to change that and give you a positive experience when dealing with DV8 Computing & Consulting, Inc.  If we come across a project that we are not familiar with, we will let the customer know instead of faking a solution over a long period of time and billing you for our education.  Many competitors do this and we don't feel it is fair to you.  We will not charge over a stated amount of time to get something working.  We will not act in a way that will make you (the customer) uncomfortable while in your home or business.

DV8 Computing will be dedicated to you, the customer, in all attempts at fixing technology issues.  We will do everything possible to resolve an issue in a cost effective and timely manner. 


David L. Hale
President/Chief Technologist
DV8 Computing & Consulting, Inc.

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